I am David A. Dickens, 46 years old. But think I am now teenage and open minded to collect the knowledge form the different way in all over the world. My wife Name is jenny working in University as a processor with her post. She helped me to sustain and maintaining my cooking blog. And she is my examiner to look after my all types of word which I published and making.

Already I have 355 article about cooking and different delicious recipes. The all article I always try to share different   kind of knowledge and spread to all of my blogger who are post comments and inspire me to ran way this patch.

Last year I got best blogger award from the event of Travel cooked. And I was a story to tell my viewer. Thousand of participant was there for submitted their article on the online. And most of participant known well each other on this sector. Her I was selected and got the best blogger. When I was collecting my award- presenter was said his wife collect the recipes from my blog and it was delicious. I felt awesome and told him I have more now you can collecting from my website.

So that’s way, I always trust that when I worked and I feel someone can get my knowledge to implementation their daily life and make gossip around the dining table with friend or family member.

Dear viewers if you have any questions or advice feel free to contract me. Good Luck…………